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Emergency AHU

Compact, Lightweight, Emergency
air supply for your IVC equipment

Features of the Emergency AHU:

In the event of Air Handler Failure, the specially designed “Emergency Air Handler” from BioZoneGlobal can temporarily supply your animals with fresh HEPA Filtered air while your main Air Handler Unit is repaired or replaced.

Light, compact design allows much easier transportation from room to room. Simple design means easy operation for the user. Unit can be used on Single and Double sided racks, in either Positive or Negative Pressure modes. It can even be used with non-BioZone IVC products. Just ask our Sales Team how the Emergency Air Handler can supply fresh HEPA filtered air to any IVC product in your facility.

Keep animals alive
Experiments stay operational
Reduced equipment downtime
Peace of mind
Select between Positive/Negative Pressures
Select between Single/Double sided IVCs.

The new Emergency Air Handler from BioZoneGlobal. It could be the most important Air Handler in your facility.


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