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Product News
Monday, 12 October 2009 00:00

In this present global financial situation it may not be feasible to replace your current equipment. Because BioZoneGlobal are committed to our belief in the continuing benifits of research, we felt something needed to be done to help the budget of our valued clients and asked ourselves "how can we assist in these difficult times?" The answer we believe lies in the process of developing an IVC Rack Upgrade option.

This would involve a full service of your existing units and some new parts being fitted or replaced on your current equipment by a BioZoneGlobal engineer to bring the operation of your units up to modern standards, incorporating features and improvements found in our new products. Breifly, the changes that will take place mainly focus on the way the cage units are inserted into the rack. Your lab technicians have probably become used to the way the cages slide in and out of the rack, but over time and continuous autoclaving, the cage units and some plastic parts of the rack can become distorted by a tiny amount and this can effect the smoothness of the cage insertion operation, and cost valuable time in the cage change operation. A large part of this upgrade involves eliminating this problem for good, as it encorporates a fully stainless steel solution, and a unique "3 point floating plate" cage suspension design that we believe will continue to work smoothly for as long as the rack itself! The aim of this upgrade is twofold.

  1. To ensure a smooth cage interface with the rack so minimum time is spent inserting or pulling the cage unit out of the row, and ...
  2. More importantly, will further improve our already market leading pressure consistency in every cage by actively ensuring each cage is connected perfectly up into the air distribution manifolds, giving maximum air change rates with minimal pressures and virtually zero draught to the animals, a solution that BioZoneGlobal pioneered. 

This will only apply to our SmartRack range, but we are already developing this further to include other equipment such as the VR and VM series. Please contact our Sales Team to talk about the upgrade potential of your IVC Equipment, especially if you have older units This will lead to a vast saving compared to replacing your current units, not to mention the benifits it will have to your research equipment, technicians and the lab animal. Should you wish to discuss any of the issues mentioned please do not hesitate to contact us.