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BioZoneGlboal Servicing EngineerTechnical service options are available for all BioZoneGlobal equipment in your facility. This can be ordered as a service contract or a standalone purchase. It is advised that a service contract is taken out at the time of purchase to ensure your equipment is re-certified after the first year of service. All SmartRacks and MiniRooms are precision items of equipment that can provide assured levels of bioprotection and biocontainment. Only by regular maintainance can you ensure that your system is working to the full specification. An annual service will also ensure the expected longevity of the system.

There are two options on the type of service contract cover:

Gold - Extended Warranty

Silver - Recertification

Details of the procedures included in each level of service are available from your local BioZoneGlobal representitive. In addition, BioZoneGlobal equipment can be cleaned at the time of the service visit provided this has been requested in advanced. Both levels of service ensure that your system is working to the same specification as the day it was commisioned by our trained engineers and we will give you the documentation to prove it. Service contracts are also offered either for extended three or five years cover at a discounted price. The timing of your annual service can be arranged to suit your conveinience as long as we have a minimun specified notice. Savings can be made if we specify the time of the service or coincide it with commisioning new equipment.

Click here to download the PDF Service & Technical Support Information Pack