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A flexible range of IVC Racks
capable of meeting your evolving needs

The SmartRack range offers excellent flexibility, allowing selection according to specific needs, from the basic (SR) to the most sophisticated (SX) and future upgrading as needs evolve. All this at a price to suit any budget.

  SmartRack Basic  (SR)

  SmartRack Plus   (SP)

  SmartRack Extra (SX)

Retains BioZoneGlobal's renowned approach for high quality, high capacity and excellent ergonomics, utilizing the highest quality materials such as top grade stainless steel and high temperature silicone rubber for long-lasting reliability and minimal replacement and service intervals.

Multiple sizes, and either single or double-sided to suit your specific requirements.

Incorporates BioZoneGlobal's unique airflow technology permitting excellent bio-protection/bio-containment performance and option to upgrade to our unique DigiFlow system for monitoring and adjustment of pressure/airflow etc.

Fully interchangeable cage-units allow simple integration with other BioZoneGlobal products in your facility.

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