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About BioZoneGlobal Ltd

BioZoneGlobal Ltd is a company with Headquarters in the UK and also in the USA. We have over 20 years global experience in the field of Bio-containment, during this time we have gained a complete understanding of Laboratory Animal Science, Testing and Medicine. The extensive experience we have in manufacturing Laboratory Equipment and Facility Design has been gained by working with and listening to the scientists and technicians in the research workplace. As a company we are continuously researching and developing new innovative IVC Systems and accessories to the highest quality. We view our equipment as an investment, which will contribute to the protection of your investment in the animals, and the data they represent. This, combined with our new dynamic management team (see meet the team) and agents situated around the world (see contact us) have enabled us to provide customers with the service and care they expect and deserve from all aspects of the business.


BioZoneGlobal Ltd employs over 30 people worldwide, primarily involved in Design, Production and Administration.  In addition, Sales Distributors and Representatives are located throughout Europe, North and South America, South East Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.  Service offices are based across Europe and North America also many Sales Distributors have Engineers who have undergone training at the BioZoneGlobal Factory in order to provide competent service support to clients in their geographical territory.


The Engineering Design Department has full CAD capability to develop new designs and to adapt existing designs.  The department also supports sales by developing proposals for equipment layouts in the client facilities.


Machinery is installed for all essential metalworking operations, as well as for cutting and profiling plastics, including Polysulphone.  Facilities for electro polishing and CNC are readily available. A dedicated team of specialist engineers performs factory assembly of mechanical and electrical air handling equipment.


Specially trained and highly experienced engineers perform on-site commissioning and validation of all equipmen (see Technical Servicing)


BioZoneGlobal History:


BioZoneGlobal Limited, under the UK registered name of REC Europe Limited, was established in1992 for the manufacture of animal housing and biocontainment equipment.  Since 1997, it has traded under the name BioZoneGlobal Limited, in all products relating to animal bio-containment, an area in which the company has considerable expertise, and has, as mentioned above established a sound reputation in a worldwide market.  In 1999, the company formally changed its registered name to BioZoneGlobal Limited, Whose headquarters are based in Ramsgate, Kent, UK.





Ariel View of the BioZoneGlobal complex: