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DuoZone Technology
the ultimate in biocontainment without seals

Offers the same high level biocontainment as the SmartRack in two separately controlled pressure zones on the same system.

Zone 1: This is the animal occupied cage area on the RowZone rack.

Zone 2: This is the un-occupied zone surrounding each row of cages.

Independant Pressure Control of each zone: Options of POS/POS, POS/NEG or NEG/NEG (example: quarantine, BSL3, isotope studies etc)

The RowZone Racks are suitable for BSL3 and BSL4 safety levels .

Containment at Row Level or Rack Level.

HEPA Filtration Supply and Exhaust air for both zones.

This system allows different experiments to be carried out on each row without the risk of cross-contamination, thus making effective use of facility space.

Permits simultaneous containment and protection without cage seals.


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