Home Upgradability & Flexability
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BioZoneGlobal's range of ventilated caging systems have many advantages including Flexibility: The SmartRack series of IVCs have been especially designed to meet the current and future growing needs of your facility. The SmartRack series of IVCs can initially be supplied in any one of three different solutions: these are the SmartRack Basic, SmartRack Plus and SmartRack Extra.

Flexibility: The SmartRack Basic can be initially installed as either a passive system or an active system. The beauty of this concept is that the installed system can easily be upgraded.  For example, you may initially have required a passive system, however, should you desire in the future to have these converted to an active system this is easily done and all of the originally installed equipment is used in the upgraded active system. Likewise the SmartRack Basic system can be upgraded to a SmartRack Plus or SmartRack Extra system. The SmartRack Basic system has either supply exhaust manifolds connected to either passive or active air handling system. The SmartRack Plus system has both supply and exhaust manifolds connected to either passive or active air handling systems. The SmartRack Extra system has both supply and exhaust manifolds connected to an active DigiFlow computerised air-handling system. Each of these systems is Upgradeable to the next system.

BioZoneGlobal does not stop at Upgradeability of air control, we also provide a vast amount of options in cages and racks, which can accommodate more than one cage size, providing you with Flexibility in your daily use of our equipment.

For example: should you initially install Type 22 cages, these same racks will accommodate our Type 25 cages as an upgrade without any changes to the rack. (please refer to our Cage Capacity Regulations Chart to see how many additional mice you could house if you change from our Type 22 Cages to our new Type 25 Cage). As an added benefit, water bottles and feeders are interchangeable between Type 22 and Type 25 cage units. Similarly Type 32 rat cages are interchangeable on the same rack with type 36 large mouse cages, offering great Flexibility for adapting your basic infrastructure to suit differing, ongoing research needs. Initially you might use the Type 32 rat cages, but changed circumstances later on may see a need for breeding or holding larger numbers of mice. An upgrade of one rack to type 36 cages will enable extra versatility from your initial investment. Also type 40 cages are interchangeable on the same rack with the Type 41 rat cages, offering Flexibility to more economically meet your research needs as group sizes vary. Hence the balance of demand for more Active IVC systems and for different species and cage sizes changes over time, our equipment will be able to accommodate those changes.