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The most compact ventilated rack
for transport, post-procedure recovery and small-scale study applications

The MiniSmart is the latest update of the uniquely compact MiniRack version of the SmartRack system. The compact size of this ventilated rack makes it ideal for many applications such as:

Transport - To ensure the biocontainment and biopretection barrier is not broken during the movement of animals between facilities or rooms. Multiple sizes, and either single or double-sided to suit your specific requirements.

Post-Procedure Recovery - The MiniSmart maintains comfortable conditions for the animals without taking up a lot of laboratory space, enabling easy observation in the lab, while other animals are being worked with.

Small Studies - The compact size of the MiniSmart makes it ideal for small studies or for allocation to single researchers, with all the benefits of a full size ventilated rack.

Quarantine - A MiniSmart can be easily allocated to house rodents from multiple locations during the quarantine period, whilst ensuring no cage to cage transfer of infections.

Fully interchangeable cage-units allow simple integration with other BioZoneGlobal products in your facility.


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